Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Supa Tuesdee

Oh! The excitement in the air.

The Chicago Hyatt (conveniently located across the street from my office) is surrounded by satellite trucks. Yes, it is the site of Barak Obama's end of the night party. Eeeeeeeee.

I will be taking my state-mandated 2 hours of work time to vote today. How about you?

Here is a link to a handy printable one-page list of the Tribune's endorsements for all the local races. Per Husband, the Trib has a fairly anti-machine stance. So if you, like me, have not paid much attention to all the judge and water board seat races you can at least hope that these people are not on the take. At least not until they get in office! (Zing!)


Styling with Renee Michelle said...

I am not in one of the many states who will be voting today, sigh... My state prefers to wait until everything has been decided and then hold a primary.

alexis said...

I can't vote in the primary, but I did finally receive my tax forms. Hurray?

and Renee, you guys made up for lack of primary with plenty of style in the last election if I remember correctly.