Monday, April 14, 2008

Sticking Your Foot In It

Husband is currently in the process of starting his own business. Anyone else that is out there that has done this I'm sure is aware that it's quite the roller coaster ride.

Yesterday I told him some news that sort of sent him on a downward spiral and I cannot stop kicking myself about it. (It happens often enough without me helping it along) It was the sort of news that if he was feeling more positive at the time I told him probably wouldn't have hit him as hard, and if I had been paying more attention to his mood on the subject I would have waited to lay it on him.

This is the second time this weekend that I inadvertently kicked someone in the nuts verbally. (The first time was on Saturday with a good friend, I asked a question about his work that hit a sore spot.)

For the rest of the week I vow to only discuss the weather.


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

That's tough. Don't beat yourself up. It wasn't intentional and we all make mistakes. I'm sure neither your hubby nor your office mate blame you in any way.

alexis said...

what was it exactly? I mean, was it innocent or just you slipped on a sensitive area? We all slip sometimes!