Thursday, May 8, 2008

Golf and growing

A weekend or two ago I took Miss D for her first putt-putt golf experience at the Novelty Golf on Lincoln Ave. She enjoyed hitting the ball, although she didn't quite grasp the concept that you are supposed to leave the ball where it lands and not pick it up and put it right next to the hole. Surprisingly she didn't get too frustrated with it. We sure motored through that course though. We were done in 20 minutes!

I am amazed at how fast she changes, and learning more about her. She has been very shy at school still. She is quick to join in to organized activities but has been slower to initiate play during the free play time. Of course, I was a little concerned that it was taking her a while to socially adjust, but she has always been an observant child. One who is likely to take everything in before trying it herself.

Earlier this week we went to the playground - the busy one. Often when we go this playground she is pretty clingy to me as there are a lot of older children around. But this time a girl a little older than her, initiated a race up the slide and before I knew it Miss D was running around after her with nary a thought of me, trying all sorts of things she had never tried before, including climbing up the straight climbing wall (I helped with that one) and a very high "ladder". I tried to stay within her eyesight at all times while trying to keep out of their way, but I was so proud to see her playing with a complete stranger so easily.

Also at the playground, an older girl- maybe around 7 or 8 was crying nearby. I could tell that wasn't life threatening and I didn't see a parent around so I was keeping my distance. Then Miss D says "It's Ok Mom, go to her" when I didn't move right away she gave me a little pat and said "Go ahead Mama it's OK." So I went and checked in with the girl, determined that she was fine and then ended up being the recipient of a dozen "Watch me!'s" from the assorted parentless girls. (Oi, that's a whole other post)

I was struck by how empathetic Miss D is already, as many kids that age don't really have a concept beyond their own feelings. And also that morally, she wanted me to address the situation. She really is amazing.


Bee said...

I bet Miss D is an 'Old Soul' how awesome for her!!!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

That's outstanding!! What a great job you've done raising her. She's just a reflection of her parents.....and will be when she's a brat in her teens as well! ha!

alexis said...

how beautiful! She will be a wonder human being. I can't wait to see her, in what... many months. Boo! :(

stef said...

oh bee! I have always thought that actually....:)

Dad said...

Wow very awesome. BTW I notice she has a great stance for that putt