Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Radio Silence

If you were wondering where I was yesterday- I was playing hooky.

Since last Thursday I have been waking up every morning and fighting to make myself go to work. When I heard the weather forecast for Tuesday included 80 degrees of sunshine well...I woke up when my alarm went off, called my boss and went back to bed.

It is INCREDIBLY rare that I take a day for myself ever. I usually try to save all my free time to be with my family. But, maybe because i got that taste of it back in January, I was suddenly feeling like I really needed one.

I woke back up a little after 8 and helped get Miss D off to school. Then I went back inside and watched a DVRd episode of ANTM with my morning coffee. (Ahhh trash TV!) Put some laundry in and headed out to the yard. For two and a half hours I pulled weeds, tilled our vegetable garden plot and pulled out the scads of Lily-of-the-Valley that were trying to take over the front of our house. I think I got them all, but unfortunately a Tulip was sacrificed.

More laundry.

Than I packed up a cold piece of Pollo Campero (Yes, we celebrated Cinco De Mayo with Guatemalan chicken- what of it?) and some carrots, hopped on my bike and rode to the lake. Gorgeous, if a little chilly breeze. Absolutely clear. Lots of people with their kids and dogs at the beach. I laid on a blanket in the sun and read and read and read.

Came home to finish up the laundry. Then I sat out on our patio at our NEW TABLE to write personal thank you notes to all the teachers and administrators at Miss D's school for Teacher's week while I waited for my family to come home.

Today I feel absolutely refreshed and relaxed, although sore from my gardening efforts! And strangely, not one iota of guilt.


Dad said...

Wow the family farming/gardening gene manifests itself in yet another generation.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Now THAT'S how we're supposed to be living. Good for you. Taking days off are tres, tres important.

Anonymous said...

Days off are wonderful.! Glad to hear you were able to enjoy one.


Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

Guilt is overrated. Glad to hear you're refreshed!

alexis said...

you are a domestic rocking mother goddess! What were you reading?

Bernice said...

Good for you. Don't ever forget you are worth it.