Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Smokin' Joes

One of the highlights of our Sunday BBQ was the arrival of these babies, along with Mac n' Cheese, slaw and hotlinks from the newly-opened Smokin' Joes in Palos Heights. The website features graphic design by my friend S.B. (Or S.F.- but B is her design moniker).
How good were they? Well, I ate two. which should tell you something.*

If you are ever in the Palos Heights area you should definitely stop by and see "Joe" (Slavko) and don't miss the sides- they are delicious!

*I don't eat pork unless it is cured beyond recognition. This is the first "meat" type pork I've eaten since I fell off the veg wagon a year ago.


Dad said...

Where is Palos Heights?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Too far to drive so don't get any ideas de-I.

Good for you Stef! Nicely done, partaking in the feast. Looks great.

alexis said...

that is some serious smoke coming out off those ribs. I think the photo alone is going to set off my fire alarm

Stacy said...

That looks so yummy. Sorry you missed us on Monday - hopefully we will do it again soon!