Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I guess i will tell you about my weekend

After a 3 day weekend it seems necessary to tell you about all of it, even though i have yet to upload the pics. (shame on me!)

Saturday it was a beautiful, sunny 70 degrees. We spent almost all day outside. In the morning we planted our vegetable garden and herbs, cut the grass and weeded. Sometime after noon, T (our landscape designer, friend and bandmate) came by to map and cut out the turf for our plant beds. I spread out a blanket, opened an umbrella and spent my time amusing Miss D and Little T (T's son, who is almost a year old now). The fellas brought up about half the turf we needed to and cut out the rest. It took about 4 hours of hard labor. Yeeps. Even with no plants in yet you can see the yard is going to be completely transformed! We are so excited!

Around 5;30 I left to get my HAIRCUT. No pics yet, sorry! But I will say that it is AWESOME.

My friend S.F./B. was in town from NYC and staying with the H's so I stopped by their house after putting Miss D to bed for some drinks, stuffed pizza and Wii action.

So that was Saturday.

Sunday, Husband and I spent most of the day cleaning the house in preparation for a BBQ we were holding that night in honor of S.F./B. and her husband, C.B.. One of C.B.'s friends recently opened a BBQ restaurant in Palos Heights and he brought some awesome ribs and hot links that were enjoyed by all. (pics soon!) Somehow we went through 3 cases of beer with 8 people. Miss D had a fine time entertaining the grown-ups with her rendition of "I'm a little tree-top (short and stout)". (Miss D:"Everyone! Stop talking! Watch this!") Husband and i just shaking our heads and praying she grows out of this phase. Although maybe I should just embrace it and become a stage mother???(god no)

Then as we were all inside giving the Wii fit a go, Miss D woke up crying around 12:30/1 AM. It took me forever to figure out what was wrong with her as we thought maybe our noise had woken her up or she had had a bad dream. finally I realized she was in some pain- most likely an earache. So I gave her some ibuprofen. Everyone left and then Husband started having one of his terrible allergy attacks where he can't breathe. Miss D refused to sleep alone so I took her in the guest room with me around 2AM.

She woke up with the sun. I managed to get her to sleep a little bit longer but she still woke up at 7AM. Aiiiiiiiieeeeee. She said that her voice didn't sound "real". After about 3 hours of zoned out TV watching I suggested the playground, and she seemed to have energy so I wondered if I had misdiagnosed her the night before. We stopped at target to get her some sandals and went to the playground- but she only lasted about 10 mins before she wanted to go home. She had a good appetite for lunch and went down for a nap easily enough but she woke up after an hour crying from pain. so we gave her some more medicine and gave up the idea of attending the Kegz's BBQ that day. (Boo!) It was hot and sunny outside too. The day seemed just kind of wasted in a sea of movies and trying to nap. I did manage to get myself dressed and went out at night to see Mrs. H in a short play she was workshopping. She was fabulous as usual. Then a last round of hanging out with the H's and S.F./B. before she left.

Of course, it is freaking freezing today now.


Dad said...

Wow - quite the busy weekend. Hubs sounds like he's getting "In the Sticks" disease. Oh the pains of parenthood.

kegz said...

I'm bummed we didn't get to see you guys this weekend. I hope Miss D is feeling better. I want to get in on this Wii Fit action soon! We're logging perhaps too many Mario Kart hours here.

alexis said...

is Miss D feeling better now?? I'm glad you got some sun action with sick kid action acting up so much. And sick hubby action!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Poor Miss D. And poor Stef! Now that you're working, maybe you'll have some time to relax!