Monday, June 16, 2008

Feeling Groovy

Feeling Groovy, originally uploaded by motherocker.

I had to tell a story about this outfit because it's too funny. On Friday at 11:45 AM I was rushing to an appointment in the pedway underneath the Hyatt. As I passed an indian restaurant I heard what sounded like a whistle and two seconds later a male voice shouted " Grateful Dead!"

Seriously. WTF?

Ok yes, it's obviously hippie-ish but really not unusual for today's "bohemian" styles. I was dying to turn around and see what this guy looked like cause I can totally imagine him in my head. An aging white meathead in polo and khakis. (The "Grateful Dead" comment ages him because anyone younger would say "Phish")


Tim said...

That's awesome! Nice outfit btw..

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Wait, is that you in the photo? Nyah.....really? Totally doesn't look like you.

As an aging polo and khaki wearing guy, I think I'm offended. Maybe not. I probably just would have whistled and not said anything!! :-)

stef said...

yes it's me. the pose kinda gives me a double chin.
Joe- you're not a meathead though!

Dad said...

I will refrain from all Joe related comments

alexis said...

meatheads... cousins of Wisconson cheeseheads?