Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Ride to Work (8.75 Miles)

First I must depart my neighbourhood. (Delightful Albany Park)

Ah, Elston- my main artery into the city.

Hello belly dance studio!

The first of many bizarre and possibly death-inducing 3 way intersections. Huzzoo for diagonal streets!

Western, meet Diversy. Both of you- meet Elston. If I miss this light it is a loooooooong wait.

Now entering the shopping corridor of Elston. Quiet and serene during the morning, it becomes a deathtrap on the way home of shoppers intent on getting in and out of their parking lots and not paying attention to much else.

Seriously. Who is going to go all the way over there? I'll stay in the turn lane and take my chances. ooooooooo.

Elston and Ashland. Yet another intersection that is more dangerous in the afternoon. Look how big Ashland is though!

A hill! Look how wide and spacious this road is- plenty for all you might think. Unfortunately what this means to drivers is that the bike lane is just another passing lane for their use.

Morton Salt! Now we're in the "industrial corridor" of Elston. Savvy Readers may recognize the wall on the right from a certain music video...

Oh yeah, that's where I'm going.

Toodaloo Elston- see you tonight. It's up to Milwaukee now.


Desplaines (That's pronounced deS- plainz for you non-Chicagoans.) I neglected to photo the killer hill I have to go up to reach this descent.

Lake St. and under the train into town. Ah the sweet, thunderous sound and gentle AC juice showers...

Yes, I ride my bike on Michigan Avenue. But just from here to that light. I ain't that crazy y'alls!

My journey ends with this giant hill up Randolph to the Bike station. (Millenium Park is to the right, out of frame)


bee said...

You are my hero girl!!! No way on earth would I try that ride in the afternoon...

Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

So funny - I've often thought of photographing my bike journey from home to my store! You must have as any random and "brilliant" thoughts while riding as I do!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Awesome entry!! You go very close to my office....yet Ricardo and I never get as much as a "hello". We even have booze in the office!!

The ride looks so serene in the morning and I'm sure it's just as insane in the afternoon.

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Hey, that was a fun tour! Thanks.

Stacy said...

Wow! An impressive ride! Mine isn't nearly so exciting, but that is probably good with Charlie on the back (he still likes to shift his weight suddenly while telling me to be careful). Good for you and thanks for the tour.

kegz said...

My ride to work is boooring compared to that. Some of those Elston intersections look not so fun.

alexis said...

jesus, I wish your ride were LESS exciting!! Your ride looks so perilous. I am glad you get to do it, but please be careful!

(ok, and I am sold - I will try to take photos of my ride to work now!)