Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Still Rockin it on the weekdays

Normally, the band practices on the weekend. What with us all having 9-5s (ish) and most of us with kids. But one of our members was out of town last weekend and will be again next weekend so we practiced last night.

And you know what? Tuesday night practice was really fun. Oddly, I felt like I had more energy than I do on the weekend. I don’t know if it’s the warm weather and the sun going down late or what.

I thought I would probably be hurting this morning- but I appear to have hit my sleeping sweet spot. I have learned that if I get at least 6 hours of sleep but less than 8 I am really tired and grumpy. But if I get less than 6 I am pleasant and spacy all day. Huzzoo!


Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Lack of sleep - it's like drugs, without the, um, drugs.

Dad said...

Less sleep required - a sign of age - unless your are Lakeview

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Yeah, I'm the opposite. 6-8 hours is my sweet spot. More than 8 is even sweeter!! Less than 6 and count on all hell breaking loose.

Tim said...

I can't really sleep more than 6 hours. The other night I slept 9 hours and I was dragging ass all day.!
Anywho, Isn't it nice to switch up the usual routine during the week?

alexis said...

I find it's cumulative hours lost sleep that get to me.