Tuesday, July 29, 2008


One last post on this job stuff and then it will be back to your regularly scheduled programming of kids, music, fashion and food.

First of all thanks to all who have taken the time to comment or email me words of encouragement, constructive criticism or to tell me they are sending my info on to other parties. I am so lucky to have such a great support base.

Just a little clarification on the current search.Anyone that knows me, or reads this blog- knows I've been going through a bit of a "life-direction crisis" for the past few years, particularly through the last year and a half. And I want to make clear that my current, urgent job change needs are not particularly related to that- although hopefully it will be a catalyst for greater change in the future.

What I need right now is a job that can pay me the same or more than I make now, which I'm assuming will have to be corporate. The work or position is less important to me than the $, benefits and work environment. For me, a corporate job is a corporate job is a corporate job- whether it is Training, Management or Property Tax related or whatever. What I'm looking for is a relaxed environment with a company that places an emphasis on employee retention and satisfaction, has opportunity for advancement, provides a good benefits package and can pay me what I need without requiring a lot of overtime. A creative industry would be a bonus. (Ok, that sounds a little like fantasyland but I need at least some of these to be met to make it worth a move.)


Dad said...

I was going to say, that job characteristics list sounded like something from a Disney inspired movie. I will take off the salt mine companies and exploitive farm labor companies that I was originally going to send your stuff off to :)

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Yeah, it seems easier to find a job described as,"chained to desk from 8-6, crunching numbers or shuffling papers". Yours seems a bit tougher. We'll work on it though!

stef said...

hee hee hee. *sigh*

alexis said...

wait, I'm allowed to chain my employees to their desks?? Ooo, know what I'm ordering from Ikea next time!