Monday, July 28, 2008


Of late, I am becoming all-consumed with the need to find a new job. I think it is affecting my digestion.

This morning I came in to find out a co-worker (in accounting, not a related field) put in her notice today and was able to find a new position with more money and better benefits. So it gives me hope that I am not crazy trying to find something in this market!

I sent out my "self-marketing" plan to my friends and family last night, hopefully they are all busy reading it and passing it on to their friends this morning. :) I really feel like I have a lot of skills that could translate to any number of industries/departments- I just don't know what they are!*

I also plan to send out the marketing plan along with my training resume to some staffing agencies/headhunters tonight.

Any other ideas for looking for work are most appreciated!

*Funny side note, one of my bandmates who occasionally visits this blog mentioned that maybe I should look into what it would take to become a retail buyer (like for nordstrom or something). maybe some day! ;)


Dad said...

The most important aspect of this is you taking responsibility for yourself and initiating action - which you've done! I will talk to Joe and we will pass it on to the contacts we feel would be best suited.

Bernice said...

I'm sending lots of good thoughts that you will find something that you love. I'm sure you will.

stef said...

thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Glad Dad has contacts in Chicago. It should help you. I missed talking to you this weekend.


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Have I ever mentioned that I spent a month out of a summer management internship with the buyer in the handbag department at Marshall Fields? You could totally do that job. There actually is some numbers work related to it and that's where you'd have a leg up!!

alexis said...

I second dad's words! I don't think I can help much from here but I plan to read it tomorrow on the train to work (on the bike today).