Friday, July 25, 2008

Thinking about Fall

I am trying to bee a good girl and not buy up a lot of summer sale items. Nordstrom, convientently located down the street, is having their anniversary sale- all on FALL items.

Whenever the stores change seasons in the middle of the old one- the first week or so I'm all who can even think about this now! Sweaters when it's 90 degrees outside? But after a week or two I fall in line like a good consumer and start imagining all the outfits I will wear in the fall. Have you started thinking about it?

I actually love everything about this outfit. (Jason Wu) But I am especially enamored of the skirt. One thing I really want to do this season is start wearing more patterns.

I also am TOTALLY in lust with these boots. Unfortunately, at $229 (sale price!) It is a little hard to justify. Particularly when I am refusing to buy a new bike which would probably be a lot more useful.

One other thing that I can't find a picture of is a slender leather jacket (gasp!) or denim I would do denim. I need a casual lightweight coat in a neutral shade. (I love my yellow coat but it doesn't go with everything!) I saw a pic of some rag & bone jackets like this styled with the sleeves pushed up and wrist-length gloves. A little 80's but I kind of love it!


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I do love boots!!! Those look fantastic.

Dad said...

I love girls in boots!

Stacy said...

I hit the Nordstrom sale on Tuesday and I want to go back. I didn't have enough time! (or money!)

Tim said...

That skirt is intense!

alexis said...

I hate boots, but mainly because I live in a country whose body type consists of tall, leggy blonds.

I have stopped lusting after fashion, I think living on the high street of Amsterdam must do that too you... Only so many times you can go by the Gucci store and find it still facinating.