Monday, July 21, 2008

Mom's Night Out

This was a weekend so full of stories that it is hard to pick just one to share with you. But this one involves personal shame and so that always makes a good blog post.

My friends Mrs. Kegz and S and I all had our first babies within a few months of each other. (They have both since had a second) At the time our first babies were born and we were all still reeling with the shock of having them we carved out a moment for a “Mama’s night out” between feedings. We had a few drinks, talked incessantly about our babies and agreed we should do it again.

Well it wasn’t until about 2 months ago that we actually managed to get together again. We ended up staying out for almost 6 hours together, drank copiously and nearly closed the bar. But we had a blast and agreed that we mustn’t wait that long before we had another one.

Even though we planned it 6 weeks in advance, somehow it snuck up on all of us and last Saturday night it was party time! I think it was my brilliant idea that we not get together until around 8pm (Last time we met up around 6) I had originally selected the venue as it was a wine bar and I was thinking we could do flights and eat nibbles. But when we got there the bartender was pushing the specialty classic cocktails made with small label spirits and we couldn’t resist. (Cocktails being just as if not more “girls night” than wine.) Mrs. Kegz started with a Dark and Stormy and I got a rye old-fashioned (first time having rye!). They were delicious and complex and flavorful. S when she arrived got a Moscow Mule. Mrs. Kegz and I got one more round of drinks and I am completely forgetting what they were and we had some sparsely plated apps that made us realize that we better move on to a venue that served heartier fare.

A brief trip down the block found a chain pub that we knew would have what we needed. We ordered some dip and a bottle of wine and Mrs. Kegz’s sister-in-law, K, joined us.

Then we had another bottle of wine.

Then the waiter left.

Then we ordered another bottle of wine from the bar.

Then they told us it was last call. We were all looking at each other like wow! It feels like it’s 11:30! I’m not ready to go home! So S called her husband who works as a DJ and just got off work so he came to get us in the pouring rain and off we went to Tai’s til 4. (And this is where the shame part comes in.)

Yes it is just as terrible as you imagine it to be. But we got there early enough to have a little private corner to ourselves where we didn’t have to deal with other people too much. S’s husband has a relationship with the bar so we got treated to free drinks. (Beer mainly and I’m afeared there was a shot in there somewhere….it’s all a little hazy)

Anyway, by the time I got home it was 5am and the sun was coming up!
Needless to say Husband did not have a lot of sympathy for me when he left in the morning to play golf all day. I am proud of myself that I managed to feel not too guilty about being hung over with Miss D all day.

What can I learn from this? Going out with the Mom’s is dangerous y’alls. I think next time we will definitely start early again so as to get home by 2 instead of 5.


kegz said...

I told your husband that I was going golfing even if there was a rainstorm. No way was I missing the opportunity after Mrs Kegz came in at 5am. Too funny.

Stacy said...

Holy cow that was fun. I do vote for 6pm next time. :o

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Good for you!! More parents should make sure they have nights out like this...especially moms. Sounds like a blast and not shameful at all!!

alexis said...

what a lovely evening. 5 am tho - DAMN. I am so proud. :)

Dad said...

Ah Stef - It's so nice to know that that side of your persona that requires you to just go totally bonkers out of the clear blue still is intact - as of course I never do any thing like that :)