Monday, July 7, 2008

To Recap

Whew, I don't know how everyone had time to write so many blog entries over the weekend. It seemed like I barely had time to sleep what with all the drinking. ha ha!

Hmmmmm. What did i do? Jeezus i can't remember.

Well I know on Friday night I was able to convince Husband to go to Evanston for the fireworks. Earlier in the day Miss D and I had walked to Gompers Park to feed the ducks and look for wildlife. A large portion of time was devoted to "fishing", wherein a stick is stuck in the water and whatever comes out is considered a "fish". We spent a lot of time exploring nature this weekend and I am looking forward to taking her to rural Ohio in a few days. As for the fireworks I was totally set on taking Miss D to see them this year. She never has before and I knew she would enjoy them. It has been FOREVER since I actually went through the hoo-ha of seeing a fireworks display on the 4th because really- if you don't have kids why would you put yourself through it? I made a point of packing the snacks I always remembered my parents bringing. Particularly a large paper bag full of popcorn which- although it was chewy by the time we ate it- was a huge hit with everyone. Definitely got us through the interminable wait for the sun to actually go down. Miss D got an ice cream and glow stick necklace while we waited. But it was all worth it when the show started. She laughed for the first 5 mins straight. Husband held her on his lap the whole time and i think was happy he came to enjoy the experience with her. The worst part of getting out was the very short, cramped el ride back to the Kegz's after the show- but was really not bad as far as these thing go. Then on our car ride home we got to enjoy the rather impressive display going on in our neighborhood until about 1AM.

Saturday we had a very lazy morning. Then I took Miss D to the North Center Nature Park where we saw a bullfrog, a large pack of Canadian geese that walked right past us and several deer, one of which was totally unfazed by our presence about 3 feet away from it. That night friends and bandmates T-Bag (with wife and child) and Danimal (with one of his children) came over for a BBQ. We had a wonderful time eating and drinking and the girls totally amused themselves playing with each other which was also wonderful.

Sunday was a bit of a lazy start before we headed back up to Evanston. Kegz and Husband went off to play golf while Mrs. Kegz and I took the kids to see WALL-E. I must say that I LOVED it, but I am also a big sap. A few people that have seen it weren't sure if the kids would sit through it, but they seemed very engaged the whole time. I think this shows that a movie doesn't have to be all slapstick and violence to get a kid interested. (That said, Miss D is not all that into the Red Balloon, which is too bad.) The Kegz's came by our place at night for more BBQ goodness.

The one sour note of the weekend was that Miss D is covered in Mosquito bites. After the movie we briefly took the kids to the playground and she wanted to take her shoes off. When we got back to the house, we let her take her shoes and socks off and found that her right ankle was hugely swollen. She seemed to be walking on it fine so we're guessing it is from the bites. Thank goodness a quick google search shows this is not a symptom of West Nile but it was even more swollen this morning so Husband is taking her to the Doctor.


kegz said...

Miss D looked gorgeous in the Snow White dress. I hope the reaction to the bites are nothing serious. Thanks for making 2 trips to EV this weekend!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Unfortunately I actually had a friend pass away from complications of West Nile. First and foremost, you get flu-like symptoms. Things get worse from there. Doesn't sound anything like Miss D's ailment though! Whew!

Sounds like a very fun weekend.

BTW, if you didn't have a husband or young'n, you could write blog entries every day too!!

Dad said...

Wow - that was a fulllll weekend.