Monday, August 4, 2008


When I said earlier that I have been trying to be good when it comes to shopping for fall, I didn't mean ti insinuate that I haven't bought anything for the upcoming season. Over the past few weeks I have amassed a pile of legwear. I will say that almost every item pictured cost less than $10, and most were on sale....

Here's the detailed breakdown:

4 pairs full length tights consisting of:
-3 pairs fishnets (black, nude and grey)
-1 pair silver herringbone with embroidered design on the side

1 pair leggings
- horizontally striped in various shades of green

4 pairs socks consisting of:
- 2 pairs toeless socks (one over-the-knee red, one knee brown)
- 2 pairs toe-d socks (one over-the-knee black, one knee black)

Yes I bought toeless socks. Supposedly is a style stolen from tokyo street style, but they were at Nordstrom's so they can't be that crazy can they? I couldn't resist. Especially since I never got those harem pants I wanted, this is a much cheaper wacko trend to try. :)


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Toeless socks? Hmmmm, that doesn't sound comfortable.

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Better you than me, when it comes to toeless socks. Please show us how they look, come fall. I'm betting you can pull them off.

Dad said...

Fathers are prohibited from leaving any legging related comments.

alexis said...

you should come here in the winter - the Dutch ladies LOVE their legwear.