Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Drama!


Will it happen? Won't it happen? Will the presidential nominees be instrumental in brokering a deal to save the economy?

It's all ever so exciting. I have the radio turned up all day and visit the huffington post and every hour or so. And then......WaMu too?????

In an effort to see how the right is spinning the McCain decisions I visited the Fox site this morning. The stories and coverage on the bailout talks are similar to the left leaning publications. Talks broke down, McCain appeared to be at worst a main factor in the breakdown and at best a silent listener. (Although fox reports that the McCain camp attempted to pin some blame on Obama for the disintegration)Damn you, House Republicans!

The conservative wonks think McCain's pullout decision is a "brilliant chess move!". Liberals say he is an idiot. But what really matters is what Joe Schmoe undecided in OH thinks. And that is an awful of of air time for Obama if McCain doesn't show. I really think that if McCain doesn't show up tonight his plan is gonna backfire on him and that will be the end of his campaign.

What will happen? I am on the edge of my seat.

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alexis said...

so i heard the debate occurred and was deemed a "draw"?