Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A story about a Bug

I should mention to all of my local parental readers that Miss D's preschool is having a fundraising event this Saturday from 12-3 outside the school that will include a bouncy thing and I believe pony rides! Shoot me an email if you want to come!

And now, I think I might have mentioned in a previous post that Miss D did a school project over the summer wherein they made little "bugs" out of paper cups and then "wrote" (dictated anyway) stories about them. Miss D's was one of the longest and caused my Husband a bit of grief when he went to pick her up that day. She finally got to take it home last week so I can share it with you in it's entirety:

"Machi" (the name of the bug)

My bug sings in the street. And my bug goes to my poppa. My poppa is my dada. My dada picks me up at school. And my bug died in the sea. And my bug sings to myself. And my bug chokes me with a boom! And my bug cracks me. My daddy give me a hug wooh! A big squeeze. And my daddy pulls my hair like this. My hair is growing. And my daddy kicks me. And my daddy tickles my belly. And my daddy picks me up when I'm crying. My bug tricks me down in the water.

- Miss D 7/22/08


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Ha! What a story!

Mom said...

What an imagination!! Love the story.

Dad said...

She does have a fabulous imagination - I just hope it doesn't end up with Hubs in Child Court

Pulisha said...

Hee! Sounds just like J. Try though I may, I just cannot follow a 3-year old's train of thought! :)

alexis said...

is there a picture of the bug as well? Maybe that's why we're having trouble following the train of thought?

Tim said...

LOL..poor, poor, Mr.S