Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If I seem a Little Fixated...

...on the state of the Union. It is because, well, I am. The company I work for is a vendor for the mortgage banking industry so everything that happens is a direct hit over here.

My train of thought:

- Damn, we should have re-financed earlier this year when we had the chance.

- Well, no point beating yourself up over that. Nothing you can do now.

- Thank goodness this is all happening this year instead of next year when our arm will be up. SURELY something will be worked out by then right?

- Thank goodness we are young enough to ride this out for a while.

- GO SOX!!!!!!! (unbelievable isn't it? If they manage to pull it out tonight my faith will be restored in the world.)


tim said...

I hope the Sox pull it off for you guys tonight.

Good luck

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Good train of thought. Keep an eye on rates and if they do drop, push the "refinance now" button.

Exciting game yesterday! Go Sox!!

alexis said...

go sox!

hope everything works for you as well.

Dad said...


Consider refinancing while you still are gainfully employed into a nice 30 yr fixed rate.

stef said...

dad- now all i need is for the interest rate to go down so i could afford to refi!