Thursday, September 4, 2008

Project Runway Dishing

If I had been smart I would have gone to bed right after I put Miss D to sleep last night. But alas, I could not rest until I had seen this week's episode of Project Runway. Here are my favorites so far:

Terri: Yes ok, so she only makes pants. Eventually as the competition winds down she will have to show she can make a dress. But after season upon season of most contestants only making dresses it is refreshing. Plus she is funny and sassy and a bit evil. Loves it!

Jerrell: Yeah, I don't really see him hanging in there till the bitter end but you gots to admit his designz is crazy. At least what he puts on his model is always going to be interesting. His efforts vary wildly from challenge to challenge so you never know- he could be a dark horse! He also has some fabulous one-liners- always a plus.

Korto: Very classy, very wearable and a very distinct point of view. I love that she makes clothes that would look good on all kinds of bodies. Her sense of color and fun also appeals. i love that no matter that she almost always is in the top 3 these days, when she is in front of the judges she is always very quiet and seems very downtrodden. As if she can't even lift her eyes to meet theirs. It's probably a defense mechanism, but I would be interested to see what happens when one of her designs is truly challenged. I'm willing to bet she would fight tooth and nail for it.

Leann: Last weeks car challenge is when I first started to really like Leann and then this week cemented it. Really just gorgeous and inventive clothes. They are starting to show more of her personality on the show and she is wacky and fun. Her pretending to be a spy, sneaking around the workroom made me giggle.

So who are your favorites to win so far?


DRUMMERBOY4476 said...

Korto has an eye for the elegant and is definitely one to watch. Leann however, is turning confident in her abilities and is starting to feel comfortable taking risks. I wouldn't count Kenley out just yet...if given the opportunity for complete design freedom she will create a stunner.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I can only watch one reality show a year and only if I know a participant. That happened with Stef from TC, so I'm done!

Dad said...

I'm afraid the whole fashion thing doesn't resonate with me. Must of what they design looks atrocious to my antediluvian mind.