Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All Kinds of Belly dance

Last Saturday I took Miss D and my friend S from out of town to the Devil in the Deep Blue Sea belly dance show at the Portage Theater.

Miss D of course loved it, as she loves all shows. This was S's first exposure to the belly dance underground (as I like to call it- as it is a whole scene but unless you are in it you'd have no idea it existed). I surprised myself by being able to tell her what style of belly dance each performer was doing. (Although there were a few I wasn't sure what to call)

All of a sudden, since the show I can't get enough information about all the different kinds of belly dance there are. Maybe it is just that I have been doing it long enough to understand the nuances in the movements and costuming. Maybe I just need a new obsession these days (ha ha). But for the past 3 days and nights all I seem to be doing is googling belly dance styles and dancers and watching you tube videos on my iphone and computer.

The depth of variety is almost overwhelming once you get into it. Belly dance as a dance form has existed for centuries in many different cultures and each have their own little stamp and individuality. Not to mention that each different dancer puts their own distinct mark on the movements. I was hoping to post some videos to show you the difference but I can't get to youtube at work. I'll try to do it this weekend for anyone who might be interested!


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

How fun! I wouldn't mind getting more obsessed with belly dancing ladies myself. ;-)

Dad said...

Obsession doesn't seem to be a very normal type of thing in our family :)

alexis said...

I still want to see a video of YOU dancing!

Bernice said...

I agree with Alexis. Let's see you demonstrating the various dances.