Tuesday, January 27, 2009

80's Trends - You can try to fight them

Since i don't have too many friends that follow fashion, whenever I mention that the 80's and early 90's are coming back hardcore everyone's reaction is of pure dismay.

But I say; EMBRACE IT. Of course, I always have a bit of love for the ridiculous- so that is easy for me to say. But everyone can give a bit of love to the 80's without going overboard with the look. Here are some ideas:


Ok, I really can't see myself wearing this either. But there was a pair that I was coveting last fall that was slightly more subtle than these as far as volumunousness and dropped crotched-ness. They reminded me of those comfy gauchos that were so popular a few years ago and yet, looked hideous on everyone. Of course, if I purchase a pair and it doesn't work out, I can always wear them to belly-dance class!


I must admit I am already doing this with a vengance. I prefer to wear it with non-pleated pants that are not SO baggy with heels or flats. The silhoutte is actually slimming for curvy-hipped ladies. Don't knock it till you try it!


Oh man. When I was in 6th grade I had a turquoise acid washed pair of jeans and matching jacket that I LUUUURVED and could have worn every day of the week. (Pegged and with two pairs of socks natch!) Today's acid washes are in the more normal colors and artfully placed rips are often in style. I can't see myself running out to buy a pair that is likely going to be out of fashion next year but if you kept a pair in your closet now is the time to pull them out! Pair them with heels instead of hi-tops to update the look.


No no no! I hear you say. Yeah, I'm kinda with you on this one. But maybe here's one you can get behind:


Long jackets are fun, relaxed and different. I like that it gives a summery vibe to a more sophisticated outfit. Worth scouting the thrift stores for!

3 Things
- Pegged pants (I don't care what you say!)
- Learning new viable skills- and being paid to do it
- Husband


Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Sorry, I'm going to stick to my influences from the 40's to 60's. Although Lauren Bacall did sport some shoulder pads from time to time...

Bernice said...

I love your fashion reports. I find it very interesting.If not for your blog, I wouldn't have a clue what is in. But you may not see me wearing the "latest."

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Not much to say about fashion, but I love pictures of women!!

Dad said...

I don't think any of these fashions are going to do a whole lot for either my career or my social life but if you really believe I should give it a try, I will.

Pulisha said...

Just as long as the colored tights under cut-off jean shorts fad desn't come back *shudder*

alexis said...

LOL - oh my god, Lisa, I would pay real money to see you wear that get up again!!

I don't care, I am anti-80's, 90's. Though I do like the long jacket thing, but that doesn't strike me as being super 80's?