Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I wonder if this gratitude experiment is working. I just noticed I am feeling generally more positive all the time lately.

Had a fabulous mostly indoor time with Moms. She helped me get a lot of prep done for the baby shower. Which is great because if she hadn't been there I probably would've half-assed it and then have spent the night before the party trying to get all this shit done.

We baked Irish Brown (soda) bread and biscochitos for the party and froze them, We also bought a pinata and converted it for indoor use. (a "pull string" pinata. A bunch of ribbons are stuck to the bottom, one of which opens a trap door that will pull out all the candy.)

For non-party, we made light wheat bread (I am experimenting with making my own sandwich bread, as none of us are fond of the wheat and multigrain breads available at the store) and a city out of boxes for Miss D to play with. (She was supposed to help make it but mainly just played) We played many games of candyland and memory and a whole lot of Wii. Grandma bought Miss D candy and a giant stuffed unicorn and lunch at the diner and chocolate cake.

Husband and I even got to go out for a date with our good friends the Shropers. Unfortunately the resto we went to was terrible (Food, Service and Ambience) But the company was wonderful and we retired back to their abode for a rousing game of charades and ice cream with hot fudge. So fun. It has been a long time since I laughed that hard.

At least until band practice Sunday night. When we all got a little goofy during our second run-through the set. We have a gig Thursday at the Darkroom if you want to come.

3 Things-
- A weekend of indulgence and still on track with weight loss (woot!)
- Free makeup today!
- Laughing till you tear up


Dad said...

Practice makes perfect when it comes to filling your life with joy and gratitude.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! Glad to hear the gratitude experiment is working for you!!

alexis said...

trying hard to remember the good things in life, things keep getting trickier at work!