Friday, January 16, 2009

Eating Well

As you know, I cook a lot. With my new found calorie consciousness, I have had to make some adjustments to where I look for recipes. (Less Mac n'chz or gratins) When it comes to healthy cooking I much prefer great food that just happens to be low in fat and calories rather than taking a high fat recipe and trying to prepare it in a low cal way. No using low fat yogurt instead of cream, or reduced fat ingredients, or using a teensy amount of fat when the regular recipe calls for a ton. blech.

I happened upon a great website that seems to share this ethos, and I have been pulling a lot of recipes from there lately. (I think it's a magazine too)

Eating Well

All the recipes I've tried from this site have turned out great and delicious. It has a search function just like any other recipe site so if you have ingredients on hand you want to use you can plug them in. Many of the recipes are designed to be cooked weeknight-quick and calorie count and portion size are clearly defined. Last night I made:

Turkish chicken thighs (marinated 1/2 an hour at room temp instead of an hour in the fridge- still yummo and flavorful!) - 120 calories per thigh
Spinach and Chickpeas (delicious! Highly recommended) - 138 calories and
Herbed Lemon Orzo (well this one I could have made up on my own, but I admit I got the idea from here) - 249 calories per cup

I halved the portion size of orzo recommended and voila! A filling 400 calorie meal full of delicious good for you things. No flavor sacrificed. Now admittedly, this is a little more than I might do on any given night, but it gives you the idea of the possibilities.

3 Things:
- New President coming in soon! Hope hope hope
- Natural gas and a house full of heat
- delicious, delicious coffee. mmmmmmmmm


Styling with Renee Michelle said...

The orzo and chickpeas both look good. And I'm thinking I could sub my remaining salted lemon into the orzo recipe.

alexis said...

that does sound like a good resource - I guess it can't hurt for me to watch what I am eating.

Dad said...

Mom and I had the same experience with eating well and filling yet being able to cut the calories. It just takes a little learning. I wish I had come across that site when we were doing this.

I am with you in spades for those gratitudes.