Friday, January 9, 2009

Hole in my Pocket

Over the holiday, my boss gave me the gift of a $25 Amex giftcard and I have determined to spend it on something frivolous for myself. For weeks I have plotted and daydreamed about what to spend this $25 on:

- A book. But then I thought, I can get those at the library for free!
- Clothes. But the more I searched the sales the more I realized that, although I might be able to find a mega deal, it was not likely to be on a piece I really wanted. Or I could buy a few things from Target or F21.....but the more i pondered it the less I wanted to spend it on something cheap and trendy. Or I could buy a load of things at the thrift store.......but I realized I was craving something nice and NEW. Not going to happen

So I settled on makeup. Specifically I have in mind a holiday compact from MAC. They only sell these once a year (and I will have to pray they have some left in stock), but it is a great deal. One shadow at MAC is over $10. The compacts contain 6 shadows and they retail for around $30 with tax. I bought one last year that i use pretty much every day and it is nowhere near to running out. So this way I will get something new that I will hopefully get a lot of use out of!

Then I wake up to the insane snow outside so not sure if I can make the trek to State Street. Damn you, snow!

3 Things:

- Made it to work in one piece this morning. ( A little scary there a few moments!)
- A good mood. (maybe it is from exercising every day this week? Not sure why but I am just generally positive and happy this week.)
- Wii Fit, even though it gives me a hard time.


kegz said...

Your dedication to biking in this weather is impressive.

stef said...

Oh no kegz- I stopped biking in December!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I was going to ask why it was a risky trip into work, also wondering if you biked in. Was it just driving into work?

Sounds like a good use for the gift card!! Unless you used it for half a months worth of decadent Starbucks drinks!!!

alexis said...

I KNEW our eyemake up looked similar. I swear to god all three of us got the same color palette at MAC last year. :P

stef said...

LOL Lex! But now I have THIS years....

Dad said...

So were you successful in your purchasing?