Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend of Social Activity

It warmed up into the 40s this weekend and I along with everyone else in Chicago had to take advantage of it!

The show Friday night was very fun. It was awesome to have Husband there and we both got to see friends we haven't seen in months. All the bands we played with were very good.

Saturday, Miss D did not get the memo that we were out late and woke up VERY EARLY. We made valentines for her class with stamps we cut out of a sponge. She enjoyed turning the paint from red to pink to violet and adding glitter. Then we got on our rain boots and went outside for a puddle walk! The melting snow had left many lakes around the neighbourhood. By the time we got home her legs and socks were absolutely soaked. Later in the afternoon. Mrs. H, her new baby and her Dad and his wife came by to hang out for a few hours. Adult conversation is delightful!

Sunday morning I went to visit the McD's, whom are still awaiting the arrival of their little one- but seem well prepared and ready for her! We ended up talking about college days and people we used to know for a while. The magic of facebook bringing these people once again to our memories. In the afternoon,, Miss D and I traveled to Skokie to visit with dear friend S and have a playdate with her daughter A. It had been 3 months since we had last seen each other! The girls had a blast playing with each other and S and I had a blast catching up. As always, we left vowing to see each other more often!

We picked up dinner at pollo Campero and rounded out the weekend with a good long bout of Wii. All in all a very nice, relaxed and socially-filled weekend!

3 Things:
- Good Healthcare (it may be difficult to pay for, but at least we have access to it!)
- Old Friends
- Guatemalan fried chicken (mmmm mmmmmm!)


Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

guatemalan fried chicken ... thoser three words just made my stomach growl.

Dad said...

Glad to know Pollo Campero is back on the approved list!

Why is it that the children never get those memos - even when you mark it very important.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! Puddle walking is awesome. Wouldn't mind doing that myself.