Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mind Spewings

- Sorry AinA! I did not take a single picture at the shower and the girl who did is off in Argentina, I am hoping to hit her up for the pics when she gets back in a week or so.

- This song makes me smile.

- It's funny, yesterday i had a million ideas for blog posts and today I cannot think of any of them.

- I am so excited to play Cal's on Friday with two great bands: Let's Get Out of This Terrible Sandwich Shop and I Luv Luv Birds. Husband is coming and it's going to be very RAWK.

- Myspace is dead. Who knows something about ILike for bands?

- How do you record on a budget of $0?

- what can I make for dinner tonight that includes cabbage, yet is delicious?

- I need a good valentine's project for an almost 4 year old for this weekend.

- I ate 4 dark chocolates at Belly Dance last night. Is that why I couldn't sleep?

- I am pondering moving my gratitude project over to facebook, where Husband is giving it a try as well. Solidarity!

- Loehmann's is having 50% off all their red tag clearance items for the next week and I get an additional 15% off because it's my birthday month. But what does it matter when I have no money?

- How do you introduce yourself to the parent of a child (who is the only child your child wants to invite to their birthday party) when you never see them in person?

3 Things:
- Fresh Picks today!
- A warm weekend with nothing planned (so far!)
- Rawk shows in Dive bars with good friends


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

So many questions for one person. Goodness! Let's see:
-I don't know.
-You can't, unless you use a tape recorder.
-I don't think that's possible.
-Cut out paper hearts?
-Absolutely! There's caffeine in chocolate!
-Boo, I don't see your facebook page as often.
-It's better not to think of things like that.
-Hmmm,that is a toughie. You can't even call them because you don't know their name!!

Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

you rock-n-roller, you!

alexis said...

I always enjoyed decorating paper lunch sacks. then they get filled with letters!

kevin said...

Which song it only takes you to their website?

stef said...

kevin- if you have your speakers on, the strong should stream when you go the site. but I think it is called Solid Gold or something

Dad said...

Why not gratitude posts on both locations?

Braised Cabbage - very yummy

Saute onions, carrots, garlic
Put in cabbage (sliced, shredded ,etc.)
Saute some more
Add some wine, stock and herbs (your choice)
Cook covered low heat for an hour to an hour and a half.
Serve with any type of cured meat - sausages, thick cut bacon, etc.

Dad said...

I'm checking my blogs and by all that's holy in cabbage I find this