Friday, March 6, 2009


Wednesday night, Husband picked me up and we went to pick up Miss D from preschool. When we got back in the car it wouldn't start. However, yesterday when we dropped her off at preschool husband tested it and it did start. He feels it is not running 100% normal so he is taking it to the shop today anyway- so keep your fingers crossed for us!

Miss D is a whopping 4 years Old today. Crazy. It is beautiful and sunny today and may get near to the beautiful 70 degree temperature of the actual day of her birth. Unbelievable what a magical little creature she is. Feeling very lucky that she is healthy and happy and has had little trauma in her life thus far.

3 Things:
- Cars that work
- Birthday tiaras
- The ability to feed, clothe and house my family


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Yay for Ms. D and very nice March weather!!

Xani said...

Happy Happy Birthday Miss D!!! Excited to see you all next week!

Anonymous said...

Yes, awesome weather. We have our windows open today! I hope Yelena has a great day! Lisa

Dad said...

Happy Birthday Miss Dukes - Looking forward to birthday bowling pictures.

terri said...

Happy Birthday to Miss D! Just read through several of your posts and I love the three things note at the end of each! (Found my way over from your dad's site. Hi!)

alexis said...

happy bday yelana!!

stef said...

Hi Terri!
I am very familiar with your comments on De-I. Thanks for stopping by. ;)