Monday, March 2, 2009

Get Off Your Butt and Vote

Lots to do today. Weekend was very fun-filled. But I thought I'd put it out there to my Chicago readers that there is a not-very-exciting election happening tomorrow. Nonetheless, if we don't vote it will be machine candidates all the way. And do you really want to contribute to that?

In particular, please consider voting for Mike Quigley to replace Rahm.

Sun Times Endorsements

i can't seem to navigate the tribune site so you can try your luck here:

3 Things:
- The belly dance community
- Old Navy
- Facials and the Husbands who gift them


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Son-of-a-biznatch! I'm out of town. Damnit. For some reason I didn't realize this vote was coming. Shoot.

Anonymous said...

The Chicago Tribune's endorsement of Mike Quigley is @

On Sunday March 1, the Trib strongly reaffirmed its endorsement of Mike.

Bernice said...

It is cool to see you involved in your community/government. It looks like more of your generation are (let's hope).

Dan said...

I think this is a tough one. As i mentioned on FB, i have serious problems with the top three candidates including Quigley. Quigley is too far right for my taste including not supporting any meaningful healthcare reform, unilateral approach toward israel, and support for the Bush tax cuts. Keep in mind both of our papers lean right.

Anonymous said...

Yep, sorry. I voted for Charlie Whelan. Don't know if you heard the forum, but he's really well-spoken. I know he probably won't win, but after listening to him, I would have far more confidence in him as our US Rep than any other candidate. Lisa