Monday, March 16, 2009

Nothing on My Mind

Weekend was not that exciting. Saturday we lazed about in the morning before running a ton of errands that took us through the heart of St. Patricks Day Parade after-party land. Yeeks.

Then it was onto a birthday party for one of Miss D's school mates that was actually lots of fun. Afterwards we went to Mr. and Mrs. H's where I was babysitting for baby W for the night. I had not been looking forward to it because he had been a bit screamy the last time I had seen him, but he was actually a perfect angel baby. It was neat to see Miss D with him, she was pretty amused for at least an hour. Funny enough, right after the parents left, Baby W started crying, both Husband and i sort of looked at each other like "Oh god, what now" and Miss D piped up and said, "Maybe he needs his diaper changed". Sure enough, that it is all it was. Good call Miss D!

Sunday was rather movie-filled for Miss D as husband and i set on the herculean task of cleaning our house. We cleaned all day and it was even warm enough outside to open the windows for a bit and air it out. Miss D has been wanting to ride her bike for ages so finally around 3 we rode over to the playground. She sang the entire bike ride there and pretty much the entire time we were there and then all the way home. (Mainly, "Beauty and The Beast" inspired tunes) We had been invited to a BBQ in the afternoon, but by the time we got back there was still more cleaning to do. So it was ordered in chinese food and early bed.

3 Things:
- All of the parents we have met at Miss D's school are very nice
- Learning child CPR from an expert (heimlich on all babys over 1 she says!)
- Sunshine and temps over 45


Styling with Renee Michelle said...

I'm glad someone got the sunshine. We've had rain for three days straight, starting almost immediately after I hung all the laundry out. After 48 hours of dampness I decided to haul it all inside to dry, because I had visions of moldy clothes.

Doesn't a clean house make you feel like you've accomplished something really tangible?

Bernice said...

Having a clean house does life up one's spirits. What a full, fun filled weekend you had (well, I don't know if the cleaning was fun, was it?)

Dad said...

Sign up Ms. D for more babysitting, that's what I say. Seems like the diaper changing stars were all in alignment this weekend since I had my share of that also.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

That's pretty amazing that she came up with the diaper solution so quickly and on her own. Nice!

Sounds like watching movies didn't bother her at all as she was happily singing later on. Good stuff.

alexis said...

I sing on my bike too! Way to go Miss D!