Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 3 - here comes the sick

Morning sickness is definitely starting to kick in although it is very mild compared to what I remember from last time. It is possible that it will get worse, and it is also possible that it is not as bad because I know how to control it this time. My last doctor subscribed to the theory (unproven) that morning sickness is due to blood sugar imbalance. So you need to eat. I found a few foods I could eat when I would feel the waves of nausea coming on and was able to regulate it to a certain extent. First time around the foods were:

-very bland cheese (string cheese and kraft singles)
- apples
- yogurt

Needless to say I lost weight my first trimester that time around. This time I stocked up on string cheese but so far it doesn't seem to be doing it for me. I had some chocolate milk this morning and that seemed to do the trick. A few pieces of cantalope were a definite NO.

Also in the past few days I've been having some very strong food cravings, which I don't remember having this early on although Husband says I did. Bagels loaded with cream cheese the past two mornings and yesterday- samosas.

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