Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Week 4- It rages on

Over the weekend I actually felt a lot better, I wonder if it was getting up so much later in the morning. After last week when I craved nothing but salty, fried calorie-laden foods I seem to have eased up a bit and even had a craving for strawberries today.

I am being very sneaky around the office, trying to hide the fact that I ate cheese fries last wednesday at 8am or that i am now having macaroni and cheese for breakfast. The hot fudge sunday that I needed at 10am yesterday was also a challenge.

Starting to feel bad about being a non-entity around the house to my family. I am either ill, trying to think of what food I could eat that would make me feel better, or sleeping. Still no rhyme or reason to the food cravings which is too bad.

1 comment:

alexis said...

LOL - yes, the 8 am cheese fries do cause question mark, don't they? :)