Saturday, April 4, 2009

Actually I mean week 8

Due to how the medical establishment determines the length of a pregnancy, you are considered pregnant before you actually conceive. Meaning i am 8 weeks pregnant today. The good news is that this means I should only have 4-6 more weeks of morning sickness. only. (sigh)

I saw the doctor for the first time on Wednesday and she gave lots of good advice including letting me know that I could lay off taking prenatal vitamins until 2nd trimester if i wanted to. (It is apparently more important to take them prior to conception for the folic acid and then later in the pregnancy for the iron) Upon reflection, I thought maybe taking the vitamins did coincide with some of my worse feeling days. I had a couple of really good days where i wasn't feeling sick, just hungry. And then friday was REALLY BAD. I had my first actual puke of this pregnancy and ended up leaving work early.

i keep thinking about all the women I know that had little to no first trimester symptoms. It seems amazing to me that you could go through this period without feeling anything. my body already seems taken over. Did I mention I already lost my mind? i don't remember that happening till much later in the pregnancy with my first one.

I got a big surprise at the doctor's when I got an ultrasound. Already? With Miss D i never got an ultrasound until she was 20 weeks. It was pretty neat to see the little bean (one! thank goodness) and the heartbeat already.

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