Thursday, July 9, 2009


A childhood friend posted this pic on facebook yesterday and it brought up so many thoughts that I knew I had to put it up here too. I don't have a whole lot of memories of childhood (or in general really, my mind is a sieve- unless it comes to memorizing lines).

- Both of us have the same name. My entire life growing up there was always at least one other girl in my class that had the same name and sometimes there were more. This is what pushes me to find unique names for my own children.

- You may have noticed that I am dressed in head-to-toe purple. I don't remember if purple was a favorite color of mine. (I did end up choosing it for my bedroom, but I vaguely remember blue was my first choice) BUT THIS IS INTERESTING BECAUSE, Miss D's favorite color has been purple since before she could even say the word.

- The Jelly-Bracelet chain linking the two of us just kills me. Not only for the totally 80's goodness, but also in that we were friends and we chose to express it at this event by literally chaining ourselves to each other. Miss D is only a few years away from this kind of friendship gesture.....


In unrelated goodness, it has been a good week. In addition to the baby news:

REFI FOLLOW UP: Per a commenter's advice, I got in touch with a mortgage broker who felt that our best/only chance at qualifying for a refi would be through the HASP program. We went through a referral chain to find someone at our lender that could help us and we were not only able to refi- but at a significantly reduced interest rate! woot!

PRESENT TODAY: Our new(old) car comes today! Crossing our fingers for no rain.....

WORK UNEVENTFUL: It is the mere calm before the storm, but relaxing nonetheless


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Cool picture!! I loved those popsicles. Yum. And I'm with you on my memory being a sieve......sigh.

I'll have to read up on the HASP program as I'm unfamiliar with it. Could come in handy for other friends though.

Pulisha said...

Awesome! I have pictures just like that with Liz and various other friends over the years. Aren't those from the Swansfield balloon thingy (can't remember the official name, but I'm pretty sure they don't do that anymore since it is a little environmentally unfriendly to release a ton of balloons, lol!). Congrats on the refi news, I'm so happy for you guys!

And, btw, I love that you are rockin' the soccer socks. A fashion maven before you even knew it, lol!

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

AND you are eating a purple popsicle.

What a great picture, and what good news on the refinance! I'm happy it worked out.

Anonymous said...

I think the best part is you really don't look all that different as an adult (that's a compliment of course!). I was looking at pics of my sister from the 70's yesterday and she had a bad boy haircut and gigantic buck teeth (which she fortunately grew into); but, from these pics, it seems like you had no awkward kid phase. Lisa

stef said...

Oh no! It happened- 5th grade through 8th

Dad said...

Yes, I had to look twice before I realized it was an old are timeless :)

And I also noticed the purple Popsicle to go with the purple cloths.

Congrats on the refi and the car. Looking forward to ride next week.

alexis said...

oh that is a brilliant photo - and sheds a lot of light on the whole naming business!