Monday, July 13, 2009

Endless Weekend

This was one of those weekends that seemed to stretch out long and empty in front of us and by the end seemed like we hadn't been able to squeeze in everything we wanted to do.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous the whole time, in the low 80's and sunny. So you know we spent a lot of time in the new(old) car! Friday night we took our inaugaural spin in the "vert" by heading to the Superdawg Drive-In. Miss D's first experience eating dinner in the car. She mainly loved it, although she did complain of it being cold and too windy any time we picked up any speed.

Saturday morning we drove out to Woodlawn for dental appointments for Miss D and Husband. Husband got cavaties filled and Miss D was pronounced cavity-free and walked away with loads of dental loot. (toothbrush, stickers, etc.) In the afternoon Miss D splashed around in the kiddie pool in the backyard while husband lovingly cleaned and inspected the new(old) car, declaring it to be in excellent condition as promised. We then took a drive over to Zola Jones to show off the car to Mr. Jones (the only friend we have that really is that into cars). Miss D and I went in the store to check out all the new goods. He has the cutest oilcloth totes for the summer. Perfect for the beach or pool, I was kicking myself for running out without my wallet. I will have to get back there before he runs out! Saturday evening Miss D had her very first swimming class. I was able to watch the whole thing. She was a little nervous at first, but her instructor was great with her and by the time she got out of the pool she yelled to me, "I can swim Mom!" She was dismayed to learn that the next lesson is not for a whole week!

Sunday morning we all got up with the Dukes, put her in the wagon and walked down to the Farmers Market at Independence Park. I was determined to buy fruit. Unfortunately, like most of the "Farmers markets" in Chicago there were very few actual farmers vending there. The majority of the tents were people selling various other things like baked goods, coffee, dog biscuits, etc. The plethora of other types of vendors doesn't usually bother me if the balance is at least 50/50 but there were only 2 or 3 fruit and veg stands so they were way outnumbered. But we got local fruit which is what I wanted and it was a fun way to spend a beautiful morning. On our return Husband and daughter headed out in the new(old) car for a quick trip to Costco and I made Blueberry Boy Bait, which is amazingly delicious and you should all make it today. Then Husband got to washing the outside of both of his beautiful babies in the garage and I cleaned the guest room an upstairs bathroom. My last project of the day was to clean out Miss D's closets and drawers of all the clothes she was outgrown. SO many! We have kept every scrap of clothing she has ever worn (in case we had another girl) so now it is time to get rid of it. i was going to weed through all of it, picking out only the nicest things to give to friends, but even just going through what was in her room I was absolutely overwhelmed. Luckily I thought to call Mrs. Kegz, who is not only happy to take things off my hands, but has kept all her boy stuff from her son C and is ready to unload! So now we just have to arrange a time to swap and go through everything. Huzzoo!

We of course grilled both Saturday and Sunday night. De-I is in town tonight and we plan to do the same. Hope your weekend was just as pleasant!


tim said...

I still have my eye on one of those Zola Jones man bags..glad to hear you had such a wonderful weekend.

Dad said...

What a wonderful outcome to have Ms. D love the swimming!

Personally I agree with her on the subject of convertibles - not a big fan of them myself.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Clothes swapping! Sweet! LL doesn't like convertibles either and for the same reason. Too funny.

Wasn't it nice to have great weather for a change?

Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

It is indeed a fine automobile.