Wednesday, September 2, 2009

30 Weeks and all is well

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and going forward i will be visiting the office every 2 weeks instead of every month. Already.

Seems like the end of this pregnancy is sneaking up on me!

Over the past few weeks I have noticed things are definitely becoming harder for me.
-Every time I walk up the stairs i am out of breath.
-Most changes in body position are accompanied by a grunt.
-And bending down is a definite chore.
-A bit of the acid reflux has come back in the form of mild burping.
- I wake up a few times a night to pee or change position, but haven't felt like I have been losing too much sleep of late. (thank goodness!)

According to the doctor, everything at this stage of the game looks perfect, from fetal movement, to measuring, to my weight gain. (So i am feeling less guilty about the ice cream i have started eating nightly. hee hee)

Miss D started going back to school this week (2 days) which has been really nice. Both in allowing me to get things done and letting me rest and relax a little. Now that she is settled in her new room, (post on that soon!) we are starting to get things ready for the baby in earnest. Today i will be cleaning out the remnants of her old room and looking through ALL the baby things in the basement. Husband and I are definitely starting to feel the reality of this baby being with us very soon. Exciting and scary even on the second go around.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are doing well! And so weird to think you guys could have another baby before Halloween. I was due Nov.11th with E and ended up having her Oct.22nd (and apparently 37 weeks is not considered early). I hope you are enjoying the time all alone, also. That will soon be more of a rarity. Lisa

Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

Wow - I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going. Glad to hear it's all going well!

Dad said...

Excellent dear. It will be a long yet fast couple of months.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Wow, that sounds so familiar.....I wonder if your dad is pregnant too??

Pulisha said...

Haha, LVC, that was hilarious! (love you, Daddy!)

The last couple of months are always the hardest. I'm glad to hear everything is going as smoothly as can be hoped for.

Post pics of the room, I want to see Y's new digs!

alexis said...

how sad to think this birth I will be so far away - and I was so very fortunate to be so close to the first one!