Saturday, October 3, 2009

34 Weeks (Can you believe there are 6 more to go?!)

Stick a fork in me. i am done. For realz.

You know you are ready when you are no longer scared about the pain of labor.

Of course, baby really needs 2 more weeks to be full term. And there are no signs that baby has any interest in coming out. I'm just saying - I'm ready!

In addition to all the delights of 3rd trimester that I have already been regaling you with, i am now seeing the recurrence of a number of first trimester symptoms:

- Soooooooooo tired. Even when I do nothing most of the day.
- Reflux (hello acid my old friend)
- Difficulty swallowing pills)
- Nausea when I need to eat

There are still many things to do to prepare for baby's arrival. But there is (sigh) plenty of time to do it.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...yeah. Listening to your woes makes me relive those last weeks of my second pregnancy. I'm just impressed that you got up and sang last week. That took some serious effort on your part. Lisa

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Here's hoping the rest of the time flies by...

Dad said...

Hang in there. Soon it will be replaced with your wonderous new boy.

alexis said...

can't believe the time flew so fast! I thought you looked very good and glowy!