Thursday, December 10, 2009

Then and Now

When I had Miss D I knew exactly two other people with children - and they both had infants. What this meant was that anything we needed or wanted for her had to be purchased. This time around, tons of our friends are done having kids - and can't wait to get rid of their crap. To date I have received:

- An entire wardrobe for the boy from birth to age 4 (in exchange for Miss D's old clothes)
- 3 months worth of boob pads
- breastmilk bags (for pumping)
- bottles and nipples
- a super warm fleecy car seat baby cover thingy
- Four (count 'em, FOUR!) baby slings. none of which I seem to be able to use
- An exersaucer

Apologies if I've left out something you've given or lent me!


Styling with Renee Michelle said...

That's a terrific load of loot. Baby slings seems to be one of those items that either work perfectly for you or not at all. This is, of course, merely based on observation.

Dad said...

What the heck is an exersaucer????

alexis said...

what is a baby sling?? :P

Mom said...

It's great to have friends that share. We used to pass baby and kids things around when we lived on Woodenhawk Circle. Liz Busch (Fort) could maybe give you some pointers on the sling. I remember her using one a lot with thier daughter.

Anonymous said...

Want anything else? We have a high chair, a car seat, and a jumpy swing (Jonas loved the jumpy swing). You probably have these things already, but let me know if you want them. Lisa

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Lots of boobie stuff. A gift is a gift!!