Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Two Family Food Stories

Number 1

Last Friday, we decided spur of the moment to do some BBQing. John had gone shopping and picked up some organic chicken breasts.

When I got home from work, I pulled open the fridge, looking for the familiar shrink wrapped packaging.

Me: Honey, where’s the chicken

H: I’m brining it

Me: You what?

That’s right folks. Husband, of his own volition, looked up a recipe for chicken breast in the grilling cookbook, prepared a brine (not just sugar, salt and water but also lemon, onion and spices), and soaked it. He then grilled it to perfection.

And it was DELICIOUS. I was so proud!

Number Two

This is not really a story so much as an expectation of a story. Husband and I have been telling Miss D for a week that her Grandma is coming to visit. (Grandma De-Intimidator that is) She hasn’t seen Grandma De-I since her birthday so we weren’t sure if Miss D’d remember her. Turns out we needn’t have worried. Since Monday, every time we mention Grandma is coming, Miss D says that Grandma will make her a chocolate cake. (Which is exactly what Grandma did for her birthday!) Yesterday it expanded to a purple cake.

Husband: A purple cake? What will it taste like Miss D?

Miss D: Chocolate!

I’m going to let it be surprise for Grandma. ;)


Mom said...

I would love to make Yelena a chocolate - um - purple cake! How about a chocolate cake with purple frosting?

Dad said...

Wow - verification of Marcel Proust - the power of the memory of taste.

And John (sob!), I'm so proud of you.

Pulisha said...

Of course purple tastes like chocolate. We parents just don't know anything! ;)

lakeview coffee Joe said...

Purple Chocolate cake...mmmmm, my favorite.

alexis said...

although I wonder if you could make beet cake and have it turn out purple?

John, way to go!